A bit about me …


Hey guys! So about me. I have spent more then 10 years in the field of recruitment with experience in the UK, Europe and the Middle East. The point of this news portal is to bring together my experience, lessons, daily news, pretty much anything that will help you become a better rounded recruiter and leader.

So a bit about me. At the tender age of 21 I got into recruitment not really knowing what to expect but hey I went with it. I moved to Reading in the UK and that’s where my journey started. I didn’t know what to expect on my first day … one thing I knew and I could see is that everyone was super sharp and the office had an amazing buzz about it and I 100% wanted to be apart of it. I started off on a contract’s desk with the task of growing the IT testing division, I was shadowed by the perm consultant who in my opinion was a ASS … I picked it up quickly and made a couple of placements in my first few weeks.

After 3 years working in the UK the rescission hit which was untimely however I had no responsibility and I could move … so next stop Dubai! Dubai happened all by accident and the process took me no more than 2 weeks. I moved to an events company where I started off in sponsorship sales then was tasked with recruiting and growing HR for the company on a global scale. This was an amazing experience I traveled, grew a team, I trained people, implemented strategy and most importantly was on the for front of growing the business.

I missed agency life and I met my last boss. I was tasked with opening the Dubai office and growing it along with my colleague. We did this successfully and I managed to carve a niche – Media, Advertising, Events, Digital, Tech – basically anything creative. In December 2012 I decided to go it alone and this decision was the best decision i ever made. Going from running someone else’s business to becoming business owner was huge and presented me with difficulties, success and opportunity.