Key traits of rockstar recruiters.


Over the years I’ve asked Managers, Director’s, owners and my colleagues …. “What traits do I need to be a rockstar recruiter”, I have even been asked this by my own staff. Now this question is like asking “how long is a piece of string”. Funnily enough I had lots of different answers, I’ve also read various articles – however there are a few traits that always stuck out and traits that we should practice on a daily basis.

  1. Returning candidate calls – First and foremost recruitment is all about the relationships, stronger your relationships the better chance you have of placements. I’m not saying drop everything during core hours and call back, but within the day return calls – candidates, clients, potential candidates. Long term they’ll remember you.
  2. Feedback – In my early days I fell into this trap, I wasn’t always giving feedback and I wasn’t really pushing for feedback either. I learnt very quickly that this probably, no   actually its the number 1 downfall of most recruiters. Its hard giving negative feedback but most candidates want to know the truth and move on and improve – how can they if they don’t have feedback? If its the client not giving you feedback, then maybe its time to drop that client?
  3.  Honesty – Everyone loves a good moan, even me! But recruiters get it bad from candidates when there not being honest. If it’s stretching the truth about the salary your clients paying or bonus or about how many candidates are in the running – just don’t. Here are a few common things recruiters, even I have tell candidates – “I’ll keep you in mind for future opportunities”, “Salary depends on experience”, “You’ll hear from us either way”, “There interested, but looking at other candidates”. Just be honest.
  4. Niche – Develop a niche and stick to it. I very quickly especially in the Middle East grew a desk and then a business all around anything creative – Media, Advertising, Events, PR, Digital, Tech all are inter linkedin and we (my business partner and I) were able to train our new consultants to be exceptional niche recruiters. Being niche gives you a lot more credibility with both your clients and candidates.

These are 4 things that you can implement today. Sadly there is a lot more to recruitment than the list above – listening, selling, being able to market, patience, tenacity, compassion, the list goes on. If your starting out in your recruitment career or even if you have a few years under your belt, implement these four traits or double check your doing them, help shake off the image us recruiters have and become a rockstar recruiter!


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