Niche recruiting.


Recruiting is an art form. There could is an argument that who would be better the niche recruiter or the generalist recruiter. For me it’s always been whilst I was a niche recruiter, I knew exactly which area of the market I wanted to capture, I knew everything there was to know anything creative, I had focus, I was 24/7 speaking to PR Managers, Event Managers, Digital Marketing Managers … the list goes on and most importantly I became an expert.

When a market is candidate rich I was only getting relevant CV’s and I had sufficient clients to send them out to. I’m assuming with a generalist there swamped with CV’s and don’t really have the clients to send them out to. I read that 90% of jobs that are filled through agency recruiters are done so by niche recruiters, so why wouldn’t you become a niche recruiter?

4 main reasons why niches recruiters are more successful are:

  1. You already have existing relationships with the top candidates in that industry.
  2. You already know the “language” of that particular industry.
  3. You are on top of trends in that industry.
  4. Your familiarity with the industry can speed up the hiring process.

When I have been at my most successful was when I was “niche” recruiting. It was a lot of time learning a market for example because I knew I wanted to grow teams and business, I learnt firstly Media I got to know everything, built the market place, hired a trainee recruitment consultant, trained them and then moved on to advertising did exactly the same things, then PR, Events so on and so fourth until I had covered the whole market. Here are my top tips for niche recruiting:

  1. Be definitive on your market.
  2. Clearly map out the market. If you want to be super niche I think if there are more than 500 companies that is way to large.
  3. Be visible! The beautiful thing about social media is that anyone can. Write articles, used linkedin, respond to particular articles, twitter, facebook etc.
  4. Credibility. With your candidates, clients – everyone. Share relevant information, speak to everyone in that industry.
  5. Talent mapping, talent planning. Plan make sure you know everyone for the particular roles in that industry.
  6.  Network. Be visible at industry relevant events network at all levels -make sure your the “go to guy”.
  7. Don’t be just good … be exceptional. Competition in the recruitment game is tough even with niche recruiters. You need to stand our, define yourself.
  8. Work. Do the work, no one is going to do it for you. In the end it will all pay off.

To last so long in the recruitment game, you have to go niche, define yourself, play the long game and long term you will be successful. In all honesty clients want to work with someone that knows their market, they are comfortable with and someone that knows their business. The more you know about their market and how to spot talent the better you will understand their business and be successful.



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