Reasons to invest in social media recruiting.


As some of you may or may not know I love to use social media. Recently a study showed that a huge 90% + recruiters are using social media to recruit.

If your looking at it from an in house point of view, social media if used properly can improve your quality of candidate, decrease the cost per hire and speed up the recruitment process. If your an agency it can do the same but also act as a self marketing tool as well.

Here are my top reasons for using social media:

  1. Visibility – Candidate engagement is very important, instead of using a database or job board use social media and give yourself a face. Start a conversation with candidates, engage, qualify and share relevant content. Once you engage a candidate online, even if you don’t have a role at that time your constantly building your credibility if your doing the things mentioned above.
  2. Passive candidates – You could potentially missing out on a huge area – passive candidates! Maybe not looking at the moment but may do in the future. The reason to bare passive candidates in mind, they can be targeted more rigorously, there not desperate and wont just take any job when they look you’ll know they care and they wont be actively interviewing.
  3. Reach – When posting a role online, usually you post and a flood of candidates come in, Then there is the job board and database approach you will find candidates actively looking however there is a huge market you could be missing out – a potential super star! With social media you have more than linkedin, however by not posting on facebook, twitter and google + you could be massively missing out on people from diverse background, experience, skills, character etc. The truth is I’ve only mentioned a few and there are other platform’s – snapchat? pinterest? instagram? – be creative!
  4. Legal stalking – Recruiters use social media as a screening tool. When you get an amazing CV naturally the first thing to do is to dig deeper – facebook, twitter and instagram – its just research its not stalking! It’s important to remember to take what you see online with a pinch of salt and most likely their professional behavior is a lot different. The thing to remember when doing this there is nothing to wrong with the candidate and then screen and move on.
  5. Attracting the right candidates – If your recruiting for example a Social Media Manager you would expect them to have a heavy online presence – do a quick search and have a look, it will take 5 minutes if its relevant then give them a call. Of course don’t make all your decisions this way because tone of voice, communication etc is also important.
  6. Staff referrals – You cant make them, however staff may start posting all over their personal social media and can potentially get some great results. Three great reasons why referrals work well, there more likely to screen all responses, your reach will widen and you’ll attract similar people.

Of course there are downsides to social media recruiting. It takes time, to be able to make this work it takes a lot of commitment and patience. You’ll need to:

  1. Build a network, followers, connections etc
  2. Engagement with your audience at least 1 to 2 posts per week
  3. Candidates – you’ll spend time communicating not really the, send a quick email, call etc

However if you can pull it off long term it will be worth it.



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