Dealing with gatekeepers.


If you search the internet your bound to come across 1000’s of sales gurus, consultants and recruitment experts that all have their own ideas about getting past a gatekeeper. Some tend to be good some tend to be, well not so good. I think when dealing with a gatekeeper we should put ourselves in their shoes.

I’ve done some research and the truth is most receptionist can spot a recruitment consultant from a mile away. They deal with them on a daily basis and know exactly what makes a successful recruitment call and what makes a bad one.

Biggest issues when dealing with recruitment calls:

So I’ve done a little research and found the following:

People speaking a million miles an hour – that’s usually the sign of a “sales” or “recruitment” call.

Pushy people. Most receptionist will try and assist you, however when your being pushy it just doesn’t help. When receptionists are trying to gather information and your not responding to it, this is not going to help your course. Most receptionists said once your rude and impolite they would be more unwilling to help.

When a caller withholds information for example company name, where your calling form etc. There going to ask you for it so most receptions feel that you should disclose this information.

When the recruiter/sales person has not done any research and doesn’t know who there calling for. And the biggest pet peeve of receptionists is manners. Lack of manners could be harming your chances of getting through. A simple “please” and “thank you” can take you a long way.

What and how to approach receptionists.

So now we know what the receptionist feels about “cold” calls, how do we increase your chances of getting through:

Research – You wont be selling to a receptionist but you may need a quick “elevator” pitch to get through. Just be prepared and not take your chance as so many recruiters do and “wing” it.

Inferiority complex – drop it – Thousands of calls are made daily and only a handful stipulate that they screen all recruitment calls. Receptionists are trained to deal with customers needs and don’t necessarily block all recruitment calls. So to begin with don’t approach the call that the receptionist is “out to get you”. Instead have confidence and of the mid set that you have a recruitment solution that they need.

Clear communication – speak slowly and clearly this goes for all calls.

Don’t make a friend – Don’t address the receptionist by their first name, you tend to come across a bit casual. Instead asses the situation – have you really built that rapport?

Lies – Most company’s have CRM systems where all call information is entered. Do you really want to get caught out and want that little piece of information to bite you in the ass.

Confidence – Use a friendly, but formal tone, have manners and be different to other recruiters. It’s hard to come across truly confident, but like anything practice makes perfect.

When your frustrated and not getting through to that CEO, MD or CMO – remember put yourself in the receptions shoes and deal with it that way. See what your doing now and what you can change to increase your chances of success.





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