Job Seekers: Annoying things to expect from your job search.

Stress job

I’ve been lucky in my career that I have never had to actively look for a job (touch wood). My friends, family and my candidates tell me about their struggle and it actually is real. They have told me how soul crushing and draining experience it can be, however on the other side you can re align your expectations so that the experience of searching for a role is not so depressing and soul crushing.

Here are a few points I believe you should consider before starting that search so that your left with a touch of sanity at the end of it:

  1. Managers don’t tend to look at your full C.V. –  From my experience in house and also as a recruiter, we tend to glance and look for certain things that appeal to the eye such as, name, current/previous role, education and location. Make sure your C.V. is not flooded with information and it is quite direct and to the point.
  2. You may not hear from the company you applied for – This happens a lot no matter where you are in the world. Maybe the hiring managers have had a lot of C.V.’s, maybe there just to busy or there just sending out automated responses. Yes it is unprofessional however try not to take it to badly or even personally. Just apply for the role and move on ……..
  3. Online applications – There are a lot of jobs online and the shear volume of applications is huge! Your better off networking, working smartly and connecting with recruiters.
  4. Application process – You have seen a role, your the perfect fit and you apply. Now the waiting begins. On average HR professionals have said that the application process in their organisations takes around 20 minutes to do, with an average of 200 or so applicants, all applying for the same role. So read the job specification again and make sure you fit the criteria if you do, apply or move on.
  5. Rejected because of who you are? – Most applications go through an automated response system especially with the larger organisations. Don’t take it personally if you don’t get a response. The chances are that no one ever saw your application and even if they did they didn’t spend very long looking at your C.V.
  6. Lack of skill – Skills are part of getting the job, cultural fit is even more important when hiring. Most hiring managers believe that if a candidate is a considered a good cultural fit they are more likely to succeed in the company. Remember “fit” is a two way thing – if your not a fit for them, are they a fit for you?

Looking for a job is headache, time consuming and stressful. Make it a little easier on yourself and take into account some of the points I have mentioned above. Good luck!


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