Technology wont kill the recruitment industry.


For year’s I’ve listened to people say that “technology will kill the recruitment industry”, “linkedin will kill the recruitment industry”, but no matter what has happened with technological advancements the recruitment industry is still thriving.

A good recruiter will be an expert in what they do. Know matter what the sector, they will be an expert and have great relationships with both their candidates and clients. Some company’s do think its easy to identify the right talent and don’t really want to pay the fee of a recruitment consultant. There are also many options – job boards, C.V. databases, in house recruiters, online portals etc which all could be a lot more cost effective.

Were still in a people business and people still want to deal with people. A good recruiter is always busy making things happen. If we look at online job portals as an example. Usually company’s will do this from a cost point of view (I’ve had this experience). So the thinking behind it is – post a job, get so many applications, short list, interview and BOOM we have our person – WRONG!. Online job postings are never that targeted, they lack massively a personal touch, they tend to send out automated responses and the quality of candidate is poor. This is also not good for employer branding once one person has a bad experience, then the word spreads like rapid fire.

I have worked with internal recruiters that try their hardest to work with passive candidates, the problem that they have is that there not in the market and its hard to gage and make a big enough talent pool. Yes, sure you can run an advert but your going to have the same problem.

So where does a recruiter add value? As well as sourcing and selecting the correct candidate, the real value is in the human skills to persuade and bring top talent to your company as well as managing the whole recruitment process and acting as a middle person between candidate and client.

A gifted recruiter is able to work with passive candidates. A gifted recruiter is able to approach, use their influence, persuade and mediate so that the candidate feels a one on one personal connection and feel very comfortable when going through the recruitment process. A great recruiter doesn’t just send C.V.’s – they negotiate terms, they write exceptional briefs and most importantly help settle a new candidate into a new company.

Experienced recruiters understand that they should be using technology as their ally. Agencies must start going for better quality and service, rather then throwing C.V.’s at clients and hoping one of them sticks.  Recruiters that will survive will be the ones that embrace technology and use online resources to add real value to both clients and candidates, but also working with the untapped talent pool that clients simply cant get their hands on. Technology will keep advancing so in order to survive you must pair both the digital aspect with the human skills to work through the whole recruitment process.

Recruitment is at a cross roads and sure there is only one real path that makes a lot of sense. It’s definitely not the one where technology kills the recruitment industry. Instead we must learn, adapt and then make the changes that will harness technology.



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