Time management tips for recruiters.

time managment

One of the biggest tasks for a recruiter is managing their time. In an industry where unpredictability is the norm, its very very difficult no matter how organised you are to stick to a schedule. What happens when something changes? meeting comes up? reschedule an interview? change in requirement?. You wont get very far if you fall at the first hurdle, therefore you need to learn to adjust and plan your time correctly so that everything is taken care of.

Here are a few tips that will help:

  1. Plan – The night before make a plan. Make a list of exactly who you need to call and what tasks need to be completed. Things may change with telephone calls and emails, so its best to make a plan and stick to it rather then winging it through out the day. This way your going to be more productive and make more money.
  2. Prioritise candidates – Be selective with candidates. We all know when you post a job you will have 100’s of C.V.’s emailed to you, lots of phone calls, tweets, texts etc. We also know that only a small percentage of candidates fit the role – so screen quickly and with candidates that fit the role.
  3. Select your search assignments – Don’t overload yourself with roles your working. Its easy to do so as we tend to want to fill as many roles as possible. Don’t put yourself in a position where your overloaded and cant deliver for your client. Recruiting for the wrong role will cost you time and money, but more importantly, will damage your reputation with your client and most definitely effect future business.
  4. Work hours – I know this first hand, you need to set actual work hours and stick to them. I found that there was no difference between my private life and work life – it was all work . When you set work hours, stick to them – work, work emails, work calls, screening, interviewing etc. Don’t get distracted with personal emails or calls – it will eat into your time and that “quick 5 minutes” will disrupt your trail of thought and productivity.
  5. Goals – It’s very easy to feel busy. Having a long list of activities doesn’t mean that your being productive and more importantly making money . Remember not every call or email is urgent. Make sure you prioritise so that your in a better place to be more productive and make more money.

So there is my top tips for time management. Remember make a plan and stick to it best you can. Recruitment is all about moving fast and moving forward – don’t get left behind by not managing your time properly.


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