Why start-up’s and SME’s need to deliver a great interviews.


When your in the early days of starting your business your client experience is second to non. Whatever their after your going to make sure that, when that client leaves their thinking “wow …. i’m 100% using them again”.

So if we look at hiring new employee’s for a start up or SME – it should be taken in the same manner, as hiring good talent to any business is very difficult. You maybe right, interviewing is only the first step to hiring, however the interview sets the tone for your business reputation and client experience.

Here are a few points to consider when interviewing to set up a positive experience and how to do it.

Why a good interview process is important?

  1. Recruiting process easier .. or harder? Similar to how you attract clients through word of mouth (literally and through online sites) the same could be said for attracting candidates to your business. When funds are low in the early days the best advocates for your business are your clients, employees and interviewees they can give a great review or … a bad one. Look at it this way, your interview experience is about getting a potential candidate excited to work for you. This experience most likely will be shared with friends, family and some may even target the masses online. Make sure that they have an amazing experience, so that in the future you have great candidates coming through the door.
  2. Bleeds into your customer base? – The truth is most candidates have already interacted with your business one way or another or has an understanding of products or services you offer. It’s important to make sure each candidate is treated the same, regardless if their a fit or not. One, the candidate will be happy regardless of the outcome, and two your reputation stays intact.
  3. Great first impression – With a great interview starts a great experience for the candidate and essentially the start of employee engagement. If they are offered they are going to be more likely to be invested and ht the ground running. Once on board their induction could be a massively positive experience and rub off onto the rest of the team. If your candidate is excited their more likely to want to add value form day one and will want a much longer tenure.

Create a great interview experience.

  1. Do’s and don’ts of interview questions – Make sure firstly all your questions are above board and that you wont cause offence to any candidate. Do some research if your not sure. Ask questions which identify if the candidate is the right technical and team fit. Prepare and know what technical skills the candidate should have and also know the culture your trying to build. Ask questions about their experiences, this can bridge the gap between your needs and their capability. Create a “cheat sheet” before the interview with questions you want to ask to ensure the interview is fluid.
  2. Feedback and follow up’s – Very important. This is as important as what you say and do in an interview. Candidates hate feeling that their C.V. is in a pile with everyone else’s or you have gone silent after an interview. Put it this way – would you go quiet on a client? go missing? or keep them in the dark? of course not.  The same applies to candidates, treat them like clients. Be as transparent as you can, give them timelines and try as best as you can to stick to them. If you don’t have a decision or don’t know when the next meeting is going to be – drop them an email or give them a quick call.
  3. Show case your employment brand – Remember during an interview, as much as the candidate is selling you, you have to be prepared to sell yourself and your brand. Think consumer branding and apply them all to the recruitment process – what makes your company a great place to work? Whats the culture? Whats the team like? Leadership style? Career path? – sell, sell, sell. Make sure you give a full picture of your company. Make sure they can visualise everything and how they can fit in so that their engaged form day one.

Start today, identify what your employment brand is. Dig deeper, ask your current employees questions, and think whats on offer for a future candidates. Start here and move on. This can be a great starting point to build and understand what makes you an employer of choice.


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