Traits of an amazing recruitment manager.


I have been part of some amazing recruitment teams early in my career and have had the pleasure of leading some as well. With every exceptional team, there is a exceptional leader, someone that inspires, motivates, empowers and is hugely influential. Great managers are usually part of the main structure of the company, understands the long term goals of the company and individuals, is 100% transparent, able to provide clarity and most importantly able to motive and coach each recruiter to get the best out of them and make them feel like they can achieve anything.

All this does not happen over night and will develop in time. Here are a few traits that most successful managers share:

  1. Have one ear to the ground – Sourcing candidates, great candidates is difficult and very competitive. Managers have to create team work, support system and pace. Its important to understand, especially when the team is struggling on a certain search, where they are coming from and what to change. I’ve found being “hands on”, or a “billing manager” has helped as your in the thick of it, this way you can coach your team in the direction to find that great candidate. The best managers are those that can drive their teams to the end – without much fuss.
  2. Learning – It’s important to continue to continually learn. It’s important when working a requirement you get to know your candidates inside out and for them to trust you completely. Good managers will encourage their team to learn as much as they can about each candidate. They will also encourage their teams to network, learn and share best practices with each other. Most recruiters put a lot of pressure on themselves to hit targets. Therefore it’s important to offer support, have them take a step back, look at the bigger picture, coach them, teach them and most importantly grow.
  3. Questions – It’s important that recruiters have the right benchmark to approach the right candidate. This way when you present a candidate a client is more likely to act. This is why your team need to listen and learn. Good managers will teach their recruiters that every conversation should be taken as a learning opportunity. This way your more likely to be able to adapt and grow a lot quicker. Asking the right questions is crucial to learn and to develop. And it is curiosity that will make you stand out and develop into a industry expert.
  4. Big decisions – Experience is a huge asset. Diversity can help build strong team and operation and its up to the manager to bring together the teams insight. Good managers will learn how to leverage their teams strengths to see what works for them, to build a strong strategy. Good manager’s get the team to buy in, they will communicate and put themselves in the recruiters shoes before making a decision.
  5. Feedback – When were dealing candidates we are the face of the employer. So therefore it is very important that every conversation goes very well. It’s also important that managers are teaching their recruiters to be honest, transparent and prompt with every candidate. Good managers will also work with candidates to get their feedback and make changes if necessary. They will get as much constructive feedback as possible and make changes to make sure that the service improves.

The truth is great managers, make management look very easy. It will take time and practice to cultivate the skill sets required to lead a great team.


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