Internal Recruiters vs Agency Recruiters


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The debate as to who is better internal recruiters or agency recruiters (I’ve done both), in my opinion, hands down it’s the agency recruiter. When it comes to assisting candidates through the recruitment process …. again agency recruiters kick ass. For sure, there are some great internal recruiters, but when it comes to dealing with candidates, supporting them through their job search, agency recruiters are in a different class.

Lets consider a few points:

  1. Internal recruiters – one way traffic? – For sure they know their company inside out, but they usually have no idea about the market. They may not have the insight into market trends, opportunities that are comparable, salaries, benefits and other useful market information that only a recruiter in the market dealing with various clients will have.
  2. Internal recruiters – company only? – they act and very rightly so on behalf of their company, as agency recruiters act on behalf of the candidate.
  3. Internal recruiters – not third party? – They don’t act as a third party for the candidate. Their job is to entice the best talent to their company. So an unbiased representation may go out the door? Their always going to do whats best for their company.
  4. Great agency recruiters will act as a advocate for their candidate when their CV is not enough for interview. They will use their influence and credibility with the client to set up a meeting for their candidate. That is the biggest advantage of an agency recruiter.

Internal recruiters are doing their job and do it very well, so there is nothing wrong with what they do. This piece is not to hammer internal recruiters but to highlight how important agency recruiters are when it comes to coaching, advising and mentoring their candidates.

There are agency recruiters that don’t do any of these things are totally driven more by self interest and add no real value to their candidates. The good recruiters will do everything I have mentioned and more to do what is best for both their candidates and clients.



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