Tips for candidate interviewing.


With the competition for exceptional candidates, recruiters need to offer a more more fuller and value added service to both their candidates and clients. On average job seekers are applying for 9 – 12 jobs per day, so its very important to probe, dig and qualify candidates properly. Here are a few tips that will help when interviewing candidates:

  1. Qualify – Qualify properly then sell the role. It seems very simple but there are recruiters out there that don’t do this.
  2. Information – Our job is to gather as much information as possible. Probe properly, candidate history, motivators, needs and wants. The more information you have the more beneficial it is when dealing with your client and matching a candidate to a role.
  3. Assumptions – Don’t assume anything. If your candidate looks good on paper or good in person don’t take this for granted. Good candidates can be identified by behavioral and achievement based questions.
  4. Market information – Good candidates will lead you to market. Always remember candidates are your biggest source of information.
  5. Potential client – This has happened to be a few times. Candidates I have placed have then become clients. Make sure you explain how you work, how your service works, be honest, set time lines for each stage of the process.

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