Recruiters – work better with hiring managers.


Everyday for a recruiter we work on building strong, lasting relationships with hiring managers. One to get new business, two to find them the best talent in the market and three to get their insight into what makes an exceptional employee for their company. Your relationship with a hiring manager can impact your success. Here are a few tips that will help you when working with hiring managers:

  1. Knowledge – Gain a better understanding of the market. Look at comparable roles and assess what stands out. See what the most frequent roles in that area are and if there is anything you don’t understand make sure you have researched them before you meet the hiring manager. When you do meet both client and candidate you can have a much better conversation and be able to pass the best candidates forward.
  2. Questions – Sometimes it’s very hard to find out exactly what the hiring manager needs and questions such as “what do you need?” will not exactly help you get the answer your looking for. Instead ask questions about the type of training and skills required about the job , educational background, personality traits that will help them fit into the company culture and team and what the last person who had the role did well.
  3. Need v Want – We all want to hire the perfect candidate for our client and the client always want that dream employee. Having very strict parameters can make finding that employee difficult and also strict qualifications may not help either – when you maybe missing out on a candidate that doesn’t necessarily have the educational background. When your taking the specification from your client make sure you ask what is required and what is not – education, skills, training, experience etc. This will help you increase the candidates you can reach out to and also help the hiring manager know exactly what and who they need.
  4. Timelines – Always set timelines with your clients. Set timelines for feedback, interviews and offers. Know exactly what your working towards and also the client will get a better understanding of what to expect. This will keep the momentum going and also ensure you don’t miss out on great talent.
  5. Benchmark – Know exactly what your benchmarks are, qualifications, education, team fit etc – keep referring back to them during the process – does your candidate fit? Make sure both yourself and your client are working off the same list to ensure a smooth interview process.
  6. Follow up – Once you have placed your candidate your job isn’t finished. Make sure you follow up with your client, see how the candidate is getting on, are they fitting in etc. Hiring managers will appreciate it and if there are any issues you can work them out, and your also constantly building rapport with your client.



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