What Leicester City can teach us about recruitment.


What a difference a year can make. Leicester City were bottom of the league and playing to avoid relegation. Then they started winning.

They recently won the Premier league (congratulations!) and did so convincingly. What has changed at Leicester and what did they do different to a year ago? Well other then play great football, they worked a lot on their recruitment (quality) and club culture and built a title winning team.

Quality of recruit

Leicester’s recruitment is built on the ethos “past performance does not equal future performance”. The players Leicester signed were not wanted by other clubs, released and a few were unknown. Jamie Vardy the biggest example of this – signed from a non league team and was dismissed by other clubs. Leicester used their own judgment to recruit Vardy and create a team that has excelled all season. When Leicester played Manchester City back in February and won. The Leicester team was worth around 25 million pounds and the Man City team well a lot more than that, this showed that quality of hire is not relative to the cost of hire.


Confidence has been high for most of the past season. Everyone performed and Ranieri fuels this. He has shown that monetary incentives are not always the biggest motivation for his team. One game he incentivised his team with a pizza. Of course curbing away his team from what I assume is a very strict diet – of course they won and they were rewarded. Ranieri very smartly found what his players wanted more then money and used that to inspire his team.

Leicester have shown that their recruits and the way someone blends with the team are inter linked. They have looked at all attributes; honesty, hard-work, teamwork and determination which have all contributed to the quality of the recruit. The best candidate on paper may not necessarily be the best candidate in practice if recruiters fail to take into account how they fit into the company and inspire positivity.



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