Signs your candidate is “the one”.


As recruiters we look at hundreds of CV’s a week and deciding which candidate fits a certain role can sometimes be difficult. Picking the right candidate can be challenging, one candidate that fits one day doesn’t mean that they will fit another, everything is subject to change dependent on the circumstance. However saying that we are confident that there are ways if a candidate is given the chance to prove that they are “the one”. There a few signs that always show that you have “the one” and interviewing candidates show a lot more then cover letters and CV’s ever will.

If you want to look at honesty and the lighter side of recruitment this list says it all.

  1. Professionalism: Everyone is allowed to be friendly to a certain extent during interviews or shown in their cover letter. You want to see that your candidate is human. But there is a line that should not be crossed. There are two types of people professional relaxed and unprofessional relaxed. A few signs that they are unprofessional relaxed are – in correct use of spelling, grammar (I should maybe look at that myself) and sometimes not knowing who they are sending their CV to!. They could in person fall at the first hurdle, not enough research about the company, presenting themselves in not such a positive way and inappropriate language during the interview. Now “the one” they will be dressed appropriately – they maybe nervous – but that happens when you want the job so badly. They will be a lot more professional and demonstrate how and why they fit in a team. They would have done research about the position and the company.
  2. Motivation: This is quiet easy to figure out. They will be a lot more enthusiastic and willing to share a lot more then the other candidate. Qualify properly take time to read the candidate, your first impression may change. Candidates will be willing to go the extra mile and some agencies may wait for the candidate to reach out before going to the next round with them. Candidate that take time to follow up and grab the opportunity is somebody that really wants it.
  3. Honesty: When candidates are applying for a job it is very rare that they fit all the skills that are required. An honest candidate will demonstrate the skills they do have and show that they are willing to work hard to acquire the rest. Us recruiters would like the candidate that hits the ground running however there is value in the less skilled applicant. Of course there are requirements that look for certain skills and we will forward the applicant who has most of them and is the “ideal” fit. The keyword is “ideal”. The candidate we send across is not necessarily a fit but is close to the “ideal” fit – remember job specifications are a guide. Sometimes its good even refreshing to give a chance to the candidates that admit they have flaws or lack certain skills, however demonstrate they are willing to work hard to acquire them. The interview may flow a lot better as they have been a lot more honest from the start.
  4. Blame: This is a big one. When candidates explain certain team scenarios that have gone badly, the tendency is to push the blame elsewhere … however there is always one person who will hold there hands up and say it “yes it was partly my fault”- this is the person you should pay close attention to. Projects fail, it happens. The candidate that shoulders some of the blame and shows that in the future they are willing to work hard on improving those skills will be a better team player. Team players don’t shot down their colleagues, they work with them and work hard to improve. This candidate would be a lot better fit, one they show their a team player and two they are more likely to fit into a new environment. Think of it like this would you rather put forward the candidate that takes no responsibility and continues to make the same mistakes or  the person that puts their hands and shows their honesty and motivation to you from the start? I know which one I would choose.

It is up to you essentially to pick “the one”. You will have candidate that can show you what they can do and what they can’t and that is what you have to work with. Among all your CV’s there will be one that shines brighter than the rest ….. Happy hunting.


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