PR tips for recruiters.


With employer confidence improving and more opportunities being created, recruiters have a lot more work to do. But that also means that there is way more competition between the agencies – higher the demand, higher the number of suppliers entering the market, basic economics. So we have now entered a digital age – what makes your agency stand out? What makes you the recruiter stand out? More and more recruiters and agencies are investing a lot more in PR to get noticed.

Here are a few tips that will help:

  1. Plan: You need to have a clear and concise plan. Long term strategy has to be put in place as your success wont happen over night. There also isn’t any point of initially having a lot of information and then nothing for months. It’s best to be consistent and have great content.
  2. Objectives: You need to know what you want to achieve, what exactly you want to get out of your PR campaign. Is it more candidates? more clients? Once you know your objective you can align your PR strategy to the correct audience.
  3. Colleagues: To get the best PR campaign, you need to get buy in and feedback from your colleagues. Consultants need to know exactly how they will benefit, so its best to involve them from the start.
  4. PR: Recruiters often get featured in magazines and newspapers. It’s easy to cut it out and put it in reception for your candidates or even your clients to see – but they have already found you. It’s very important to share through all your channels available to you, you can also use it in company collateral and business development efforts as well.
  5. Measure: Measure the outcomes, you should know exactly what your getting for your money and what is working best. Have your facebook followers increased? Traffic to the website increased? Followers on linkedin?. Measure everything from day one and see what is working for you.

Brand recognition takes time – its hard work. Recruiters – it’s our job to source the best candidate for our clients and now it is equally important that our clients and candidates find us.


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